WATCH: This incredible slow motion music video

WATCH: This incredible slow motion music video

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Alternative rock band OK Go have once again released a very impressive music video to accompany their latest single 'The One Moment'.

The video took a month of preparation and exploding all types of things before they filmed this masterpiece. 

Showing just 4.2 seconds of real time, the video is slowed down to 2.5 minutes with impressive consequences.

According to lead singer Damian "'The One Moment' is about those incredible moments in life when you feel most alive", like falling in love or making a big decision, so their idea was to shoot the video in just one moment.

This incredible video starts with bass guitarist Tim holding a huge flick book as paint bombs explode behind him which looks amazing in slow-mo. Involving everything from exploding rainbow paint buckets, to tanks of water smashing and blowing up guitars, in just three hours the video has racked up over 1.5 million views.

WATCH: 'The One Moment' music video »  

As with their previous video OK Go have also given their fans an insight into the work that went into creating this music video and have upload a 'behind the scenes' video to Facebook.

WATCH: Behind the scenes of 'The One Moment' video »  

OK Go are known for their amazing music videos, earlier this year they released a video which they filmed in a 'vomit comet'.

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