Tips for taking the perfect profile pic

Tips for taking the perfect profile pic

There are 3 things a profile should do; present you in the best possible way, be interesting and make you stand out. So how do you do it?

For starters with photos!  
As much as we don’t like to believe it - let’s take a moment to be realistic – with so many profiles to nosey at people do tend to judge a book by its cover i.e. your pictures!!!

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Our tips on taking and choosing the perfect pics for your dating profile…

Post a realistic yet flattering full body photo.
Ask a friend or family member to do this if you don’t have one already, but make sure it’s natural. Avoid booze, a badly made bed in the background or dirty clothes that are making their own way to the washer! If there are other people in the photo don’t crop them out entirely because it helps to show that you have a life and you’re out in the world doing things.

Make one picture a conversation starter: something of you doing something interesting. 
Profiles pictures aren’t just a way of showing what you look like; they can also be a great way to show another side of your personality. Love walking? Pose for your photo on a scenic country stroll. Love to ski? Get your best holiday snaps out. Everyone looks beautiful when they look happy, so use an action shot – show off your personality.

Up your selfie game!
We’re not usually huge fans but including just the one in your images can be a good idea. Remember these selfie tips the next time you're posing for your phone: 

  • Never zoom in. This will dilute the quality of the photo. 

  • Don't be afraid to shoot your "bad side." Otherwise, you may end up with all your pics looking exactly the same i.e. duck face! 

  • Hold your arm just above eye level. Any higher and you get the ‘MySpace’ look. 

  • Do not use Instagram filters! Tempting we know, but they over- or underexpose your photos and make you look washed out. Use apps if you want to tweak things.

Side note: It's good to have at least one shot with minimal makeup on so everyone can see the real you. 

Make your mirror pics count.
Just like selfies, we’re not particularly pro-mirror selfies, but there are a few exceptions: When they're clean, when you look into the camera, not the mirror (which creates eye contact instead of that weird wandering eye look), and when they show you out doing something that reveals a hobby or piece of your personality.

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