This photo is causing confusion despite the VERY simple answer

This photo is causing confusion despite the VERY simple answer

Antley Lamont Staten | © Facebook

A photo is circulating on social media and it’s causing total confusion with hundreds of thousands of people, despite having a very simple answer.

The picture was uploaded to Facebook by Antley Lamont Staten and has since been shared nearly 400,000 times. It shows a nine number grid along with a sign asking people to spot the mistake and it’s driving people insane.

Can you spot the mistake?

Antley Lamont Staten | © Facebook

Like many, you are probably racking your brains at the numbers but the mistake is in fact in the text.

The text reads “Share when you find the mitsake”

See it now? Yes, the word ‘mistake’ is spelt wrong!

The new puzzle comes after an optical illusion sent social media users into total confusion earlier this week.

The picture below of a couple enjoying a hug on a beach sent the world crazy with people unable to work out which legs belonged to which person.

@Blood_reaper | © Reddit 

After being viewed more than two million times, users figured out the man’s shorts are in fact two-tone with a black and cream pattern, making it look like the same piece of clothing that the woman is wearing.

Did you get it? 

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