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Mark Martin Biography

Mark’s here 5 day's a week Monday - Friday 3pm-7pm!

Mark Martin (Monkey to his friends) progressed from roles in the world of finance and retail, until his work experience ended up in a radio career spanning over a decade.

He says: “I’ve grown into my thirties from my teens on air, so it’s been a heck of a ride! I’ve gone through house moves, life changes, relationships, break ups, and the best and worst moments of my life with the station!”

In his spare time Mark loves playing 5-a-side football and has been known to play a whopping four times a week! He has also run the Edinburgh Marathon a few times for Cash For Kids.

Here are Mark’s answers to your quick-fire questions:

Q1: Describe yourself in three words
A1: “Genuine. Fun. Smiley.”

Q2: If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A2: “Strike’s ‘U Sure Do’. It’s a tune that brings back so many good memories of holidays and car karaoke!”

Q3: Do you have any strange rituals which you carry out before you start your show?
A3: “I warm up my vocals by having an out of tune singsong with whatever’s on. I always without fail, check the desk and microphone too. I can never settle in the studio unless I carry out that ‘pre-match routine!’

Q4: What’s your Karaoke song of choice?
A4: “Karaoke is a guilty pleasure of mine! I’m partial singing a bit of cheese on the mic! Anything late 90’s, early noughties is my thing!”

Q5: Do you have any party tricks?
A5: “I do a spot on impression of Peter Dickinson, the voice of The X Factor. Unfortunately you can’t impersonate him in public anymore so it’s kept for holiday and party fun only nowadays!”


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